Add/Change Property Info Fax Form - Form #6 (Revised 4Sep13 at 1745)

To add or change information on a property 1) Print this form; 2) Fill it out (print clearly); and 3) Fax it to: (317) 547-0700.
Item # Item Information to Add/Change


Today's Date



Seller's ID # / Seller's Name



Company/Property in the name of



Phone Number / Fax Number



Cell Phone Number / Other Number



Email Address



Today's Instructions

  o Add a Property       o Change information on a Property

8 Current Status (after today's instructions)   o For Sale   o Sold    o For Rent    o Rented
o Pending   o Offer Made    o Deleted 


HRHD's Property ID # (if known)



Street Address



City, ST, Zip

12 Type of Dwelling   Single  Duplex  Triplex  Multiplex  Commercial  Lot/Land  Farm


Do you want photographs?

  o Yes       o No      (HRHD automatically adds a Map)


Do you want a video?

  o Yes       o No


# of Bedrooms

  1       2       3       4       5     (per side if a double)


# of Bathrooms

  1       2       3                       (per side if a double)


"HRHD's Price" (include any discounts to HRHD)


"As Is Price" (do not include HRHD's fee)

 HRHD adds its fees to this
 price before publishing prices
19 "Listed/Sellers" Price (do not include HRHD's fee)  HRHD adds its fees to this
 price before publishing prices


"Estimated Value" (appraised, comped value, if known)



Square Footage of House & Lot Size (if known)



Option Codes (circle up to 4)

  0    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11   12   13   14   15  16

  Option Codes: 0-Property is being Sold As-Is;  1-Seller is willing to do Further Rehabbing;  2-All scheduled Rehabbing by Seller Has Been Completed;  3-This is a Wholesale Property;  4-Seller is willing to sell via Subject To existing financing;  5-Seller is willing to sell via a Land Contract;  6-Seller is willing to sell via some type of Flex Financing;  7-A Short Sale may be possible on this property;  8-Seller is willing to Rent this Property with an Option-to-Buy (Rent-to-Own);  9-Property currently has a Tenant(s);  10-Property is "Vacant";  11-Property is Bank Owned;  12-Property is Landlord Ready but still needs some Rehab;  13-Property is Move in/Tenant Ready and may or may not need a little touch-up work;  14-Property is End User/Homeowner (Retail) Ready and no additional rehab is necessary;  15-Seller is looking for a Partner on this property;  16-Seller will only sell for Cash  - will not wait for financing.


Seller's Notes
(Status of Construction)



Lock Box Code, and/or
Who has Access, w/Phone #



HRHD's Notes
(Status of Property)


Estimated $'s to make Rentable/End-User Ready

  Fees for HRHD's services are listed on our "Rates, Fees & Terms" Page.  There is a One-Time Set-up fee, plus a listing fee for each property listed.  The property will remain listed on HRHD's web site until it is sold.  Notice - If the above mentioned property is listed on any Multiple Listing Service (MLS) it can not be listed on HRHD's web site.
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