Know Your Exit Strategy Before You Buy!
Are you a current owner, wholesaler, rehabber, landlord or an end user?
1 - Current Users 2 - Wholesalers 3 - Rehabbers 4 - Landlords 5 - End Users

Or, Property Controlled by:

Buys 'em from Section #1 Buys 'em from wholesalers Buys 'em from Rehabbers Homeowners (Retail)
the Current Owners, banks Buys 'em to sell, sometimes holds 'em till they season.  Usually does very little or no rehabbing Buys 'em to rehab 'em Buys 'em as an investment, usually "Rental" properties and is usually willing to do very little rehabbing Owner/Occupied
Courts (tax sales) Sells 'em to Landlords Buys 'em from Rehabbers and Landlords to live in via "Rent to Own", "Contract", "Mortgage", etc.
Sheriff's sales, etc. Sells to Rehabbers & Landlords Sells 'em to End Users Sells/Rents 'em to End Users

Your Credit Information - Form #7 (Revised 4Sep13 at 1810)

Use this information to learn about your credit, how to build it, or how to repair it.
Number: Name of Information (click on to view): What it is!
1 TransUnion - Get Your Credit Report Credit Reporting Agency
2 True Credit Handbook TransUnion Credit Handbook
3 Credit Learning Center Manage Your Credit Information
4 Maintain Accuracy on Your Credit Report Maintain Your Credit Information
5 Experian Credit Reporting Agency
6 Equifax Credit Reporting Agency
7 Credit Card Application Center Credit Card Applications
8 Credit Card Applications
9 Bank Credit Card Applications
10 Credit Card Catalog Credit Card Applications
11 American Consumer Credit Counseling Credit Counseling
12 Credit Credit Information
13 How Credit Agencies Work Credit Information
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