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(All are "For Sale by Owner", and should not be listed on the MLS)
(Please complete this form and fax it to: 317-915-0700)

For Sale
Wholesale Opportunity
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Email one picture to Mr@DonHawkins.com.

Use the best picture you have from the front of the property.

The picture should be in a ".jpg" format no larger than 200Kb's.

Address, City, State, Zip (goes in this space)


Your buz words on this property goes in this space.
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q Property being sold "As Is"     | q Seller will further Rehab the property
q All Rehab has been completed     | q Great property for a "Rehabber"
    q "Landlord" Ready     | q Great "Retail" Property     | q Flexible financing available
q Bank owned property     | q Pending a "Short Sale"     | q Property has a "Tenant"



Estimated Rehabbing to get "Retail Ready"
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Estimated Comps
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Dwelling Sq Ft BR's Price


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