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Personal Information:

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Work Phone 

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Date of Birth     Age    Social Security Number  

Have you declared bankruptcy in the past 10 years.  If so, give details

Employment Information:


  How Long

Annual Salary 

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What Are You Requesting Financing For:


   Property ID # (if any)

Financing Options:

1. Individual Credit - Applying for credit in your own name and relying on your own income or assets
         and not the income or assets of another person as the basis for repayment of the credit requested.

2. Joint Credit - Applying for joint credit with another person.
        *  If you selected "
JOINT" from above, please fill out the following co-applicant information:

      Full Name
      Social Security Number   Date of Birth


I hereby authorize Other Peoples Properties, LLC or its Agents to investigate my credit history, obtain information from
others concerning my credit standing, and other relevant information impacting on this application.  I hereby certify, and
represent that all the above information is accurate and complete, and that I am competent to enter into contracts.

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