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# of Bedrooms # of Bathrooms Garage Basement # of Floors Square Footage
1   2   3   4   5   6 1     2     3     4 YES        NO YES        NO 1    2    3    4  
Type of Property Interested In (check all that apply):   Investment Property  Single Family Dwelling
2-4 Family Dwelling  Manufactured Homes  Mobile Homes  Condo's  Vacant Lots
Primary Residence  Second Home

Do you currently own other Investment Properties:  YES    NO 

If YES, how many properties & where:

When do you expect to purchase your next property:   As soon as possible  Within 30 days  60 days  90 days

In what condition would you like for the property be in that you are looking for:
Rough, you or your group will do all the work  In Rehab, currently being worked on  Ready to move in/rent

Are you planning to do your own construction/rehab on the property you want to buy:  YES    MAYBE    NO

If NO, would you be interested in OPP managing the construction/rehab of your property:  YES    MAYBE    NO

What type of financing you are interested in (if any) None, you will be paying cash/check
  You will be making your own financial arrangements  Conventional Purchase  Non-Conforming  1st Mortgage 

If you need financing, would you be interested in OPP referring you to a Mortgage company:  YES    MAYBE    NO

Are you interested in OPP referring you to a Title company:  YES    MAYBE    NO

Who will manage your property:
You will  You are already working with a Management company  You are looking for a management company
If you are looking for a management company, would you be interested in OPP managing
your property:  YES    MAYBE    NO

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