Terms & Conditions - Form 30 (Revised 13Feb06 at 20:30)

  1. The properties listed on this web site are not owned by Other Peoples Properties, LLC (OPP).
  2. The information contained on this web site is intended for the exclusive use of  our clients, or persons interested in purchasing, renting or leasing investment properties.
  3. We  do not display the names or phone numbers of the  property owners (sellers), buyers, appraisers, or any of our construction companies/personnel.  These names are considered by OPP to be  confidential information.
  4. OPP may or may not provide property management and/or construction management on these properties.
  5. It is very important that the potential investor/buyer does not start or make any arrangements (appraisals, title work, funding, etc.) on any of these properties until investor/buyer has verified that the property is still available by calling OPP or the Property Owner (seller), if known.
  6. Neither OPP nor the Property Owners (sellers) are responsible for any reimbursements of any fees that a potential investor/buyer may incur if the investor/buyer does not secure a "Purchase Agreement" in advance.
  7. When visiting these properties you will notice they are in various stages of rehab, while others are in "move-in" condition.  To get updated information on these properties, please check this Web Site regularly.
  8. Information on this Web Site is updated several times during the day.
  9. All property is sold in an "As-Is" condition.  And as always, it is the potential buyer's responsibility to evaluate and determine the condition of the property before the closing.
  10. None of the properties that OPP offers should be listed on any Multiple Listings Services (MLS).  If a property is found to be listed on the MLS, OPP will immediately remove that property from the OPP's web site.  All Property Managers work for the Seller/Owner of the property, thru OPP, and is paid "Manager's/Finder's Fee's" thru Other Peoples Properties, LLC.

Listings Codes (if the Code not listed, it is self-explanatory)

  1. Prop # - Property ID #: A number assigned to the property by OPP for tracking purposes.
  2. L/C - Location Code: Other than the Zip Code, we sort using a location code (Example: "1-1". The first "1" indicates the city (Indianapolis) and the second "1" indicates the section of that city (Central Indianapolis) - See Indy Zip Code Map
  3. Info - Click on this link to go to the "Property Information Page".  This page lists all the information on that Property.
  4. Listed Price - is the Selling Price (if any), is assigned by the Seller/Owner, and is subject to change on a daily basis.  It is based on the condition of the property the "Date" the property was  listed or updated.  These properties are continuing to be rehabed as you view the information on this Web Site.  Please contact, by telephone, OPP to verify, the current Selling Price before you make any decisions concerning these properties.
  5. SqFt - Square Footage - The estimated Square footage is of the "House" area only - We do not list the lot size or the acreage of the Property.
  6. Dwelling - Type of Dwelling - Single, Duplex, Triplex, etc.
  7. As Is - The listed As Is Price (if any), is assigned by the Seller/Owner and is subject to change on a daily basis.  It is the price that the Seller/Owner will take for the property as it now stands.  No further work will be done by the Seller/Owner.
  8. Est Val - The listed Estimated Value (if any) is just that, an estimate assigned to the Property by the Seller/Owner.  It is the potential investor's/buyer's responsibly to hire an authorized appraiser to properly appraise the current value of the Property.
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